A 15-minute flight over St. Petersburg


The hero-city of St. Petersburg will open up to you from a new perspective. You will see it from a bird's eye view, catch its feelings, moods, see with your own eyes what the city breathes, how it lives and what secrets it hides from the people who live in it.

    • Helicopter
    • Max capacity
    • Flight time
    • Price from
      ₽7 500
      В корзину

The excursion takes place over the center of St. Petersburg, starting from Petrovskaya Spit, 9. The Robinson R44 helicopter is designed for this task (capacity of three seats). Our aviation manager meets you at the site, escorts you to the helicopter and the tour begins, its duration is 15 minutes.

You will see all main sights of the city and the helicopter will return to the same point.

The tour takes place on Saturday or Sunday, depending on weather conditions.

Every Monday-Tuesday the exact date of the flight is known. Certificates are valid for 6 months.


    Petrovskaya Spit 9 B

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